Indoors art action

2008- of the group Indoors, Athens, Greece
Members, artists: Mary Christea, Marigo Kassi, Vally Nomidou, Spyridoula Politi

Indoors as a happening elevated the operational home into an artistic event in interaction with the works which were specifically created and integrated into each room.

Our aim was to reveal what goes on in a house beyond the things that are ‘visible’, without compromising the vitality of a fully functional home. After one year of regular meetings which were recorded, we arrived at the form of the visual interventions/artworks. The works were about issues of identity and identity crisis with regard to the roles of mother, daughter, wife and artist, and also about disclosures, revelations and traumatic experiences.

The labyrinthine course of the visit to the flat (home to one of the four women) and our deliberate decision that we would function as hostesses during the exhibition shaped the event’s live form as an indoor happening and showcased our own live attitude towards our multiple identity as women, artists and hostesses. The hospitable role of the hostess permeated all the artistic forms on show and turned the private home into an exhibition and a public social event.