“Unutterable burdens”

Most of my work is experiential. More particularly, for the last 25 years my work is based on old personal items that I collect in my workshop, such as my dowry sheets, my shoes, photos, my old clothes, namely familiar objects that have completed their cycle and they are now in disuse.

These objects that act as an umbilical cord with my past, in the stream of time they are released from their usefulness and emerge the emotional load that relates me to them. Taking this turn back in time, I retrieve engraved memories that still reach up to childhood experiences. Memories that were saved mostly in my absence and recorded in pockets of the unconscious.

I realize that at the same time there is also an emotional awareness of reality with mixed feelings, conflicts and tensions, to the point that many times I catch myself altering, distorting and finally reshaping my own memories, in terms of my desires and my wants. That being so, I want to express all these I carry within meand I call them “Unutterable burdens”, because they are unresolved, incomprehensible, and very powerful.

Spiridoula Politi


Τέχνη σημαίνει κάνω τούμπες 2009
Τέχνη σημαίνει κάνω τούμπες 2009

“Summer Dress”


Photography of artworks: Chris Doulgeris