Spiridoula Politi

Born in Greece 1957


1983-1987 Degree in Painting, Athens School of Fine Arts, under N.Kessanlis.

1989-1991 Philosophy classes at the Athens School of Fine Arts.

1976-1982 Classic guitar at the National Conservatoire of Athens.


Solo Exhibitions

2016 Made by Loula in Gr, Ekfrasi art gallery, Athens, Greece.

2015 Art means to dream, Palais Hirsch, Schwetzingen, Germany.

2014 Back to the Matrix, City of Athens Cultural, Municipal Art Center Parko Eleftherias, Athens, Greece.

2013 Reflections, Tsatsis projects/ art forum gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece.

2011 N. Smyrni–N. Kosmos, Fizz art gallery, Athens, Greece.

2006 TinT gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece.

2004 Gallery 7, Athens, Greece.

2002 Gallery 7, Athens, Greece.

1998 Gallery 7, Athens, Greece.

1995 Gallery 7, Athens, Greece.

1987 Athens Gallery, Athens, Greece.


2019 Where away, where away is the fox rushing off today? Performance by Indoors, Lands of creation, Metsovo, Greece.

2013 Documentation of the installation “The National Garden”, Indoors + group, Platform Project, Art Athina, Athens, Greece.

  • The National Garden, Installation, Indoors + group, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens, Greece.

2012 Offshore project, participation in the project organized by Philopappou group Meropi island, Kardamyli, Greece.

2009 Indoors is moving out, Installation, Old Ice Chambers Port, Biennale2 Thessaloniki, Greece.

2008 Indoors, Art action in an Athenian flat Karneadou 34-36, Athens, Greece.

  • Awarded a prize by the Greek A.I.K.A.

2007 Co-founded the group of visual artists “Indoors” together with M.Kassi, V. Nomidou, and M. Christea, Athens, Greece.

Group Exhibitions

2019 De Defferentia, Stavros Niarchos foundation, SNFCC, Athens, Greece. Curator: Regina Argyraki

  • Studios in time, Frissiras Museum, Athens, Greece. Curator: Elli Levedaki

2016 Apologetics to Aristotle, Ancient Suppliant-Contemporary Refugee, Athens Music Megaron, Athens, Greece. Curator: Regina Argyraki.

  • Fata Morgana, Orange Water Art Festival, Archaeological Museum of Chania, Santorini Arts Factory, Greece. Curator: Apostolis Zolotakis.

2015 Myconian traditional female dress – A study in Aegean culture Τhe Angelos and Leto Katakouzenos Foundation, Athens, Greece. Curator: Mina Karagianni.

  • Memory Landscape, Orange Water Art Festival, Paros Municipal Gallery, Heraklion Municipal Gallery, Crete, Greece.Curator Dora Iliopoulou-Rogan.

2014 Ground zero, CAMP, Athens, Greece. Curator: Apostolis Zolotakis, Kelly Athanassiadou.

  • The color of the city, Multiplex Galaxy Nea Smyrni, Athens, Greece. Curator Manos Stefanidis.

2013 Contemporary Greek Art, exhibition, Art space Shaghai, China .

  • The National Garden, Indoors Plus, EMST, National Contemporary Art Museum, Installation, Athens, Greece. Curator Stamatis Sxizakis.
  • XANIart, Muths Utopias Realities, When Cinderalla met Dr.Freud, Crete, Greece.

2012 Extraversion, Sismanoglio Megaro of General Consulate of Greece in Istanbul, Turkey. Curator Yannis Bolis

  • Off Shore Project, Philopappou Team, Kardamyli, Greece.
  • Biodiversity Objections, Athens, Greece. Curator Regina Argyraki.
  • Give a Gift, Get a gift, at oliverpress Contemporary Art Museum in Dromonero, Chania, Greece.Curator Ioannis N.Arhontakis & Peggy Kounenakis.

2011 Art Athina 2011, gallery Fizz, Athens, Greece.

  • The truth is always absurd, artistic tribute to Alexandros Papadiamantis, Melina Cultural Centre, Athens, Greece.Curator Iris Kritikou.
  • Kids and teenagers, voices and whispers, Melina Cultural Centre, Athens, Greece.Curator Iris Kritikou.
  • Look at my book, Art gallery Prisma, Athens, Greece. Curator Marina Kanakakis.
  • Reading & Writing, Popular Library of Palaia Roumata, Municipality of Chania,Greece. Curators Arhontakis & K. Proimos.

2009 Indoors is moving out, Installation, Old Ice Chambers Port, Biennale2 Thessaloniki, Greece.

  • Change of climate, G. Koumidis studio, Nikosia, Cyprus.

2008 Indoors, Art action in an Athenian flat ,Karneadou 34-36, Athens, Greece.

  • The story of a workshop, Athens Engraving Centre, Municipal Gallery of Athens, Greece. Curator Nelli Kyriazi.
  • Mutation, Κ-art Gallery, Athens, Greece.

2007 Quiet Time / Love’s Labour, Katherine E. Nash Gallery, University of Minnesota, USA. Curator Diane Katsiaficas.

  • Urban Legends, Common Place ΙΙΙ, Kolonos, Athens,Greece. Curator Marina Lagou.
  • Τrans-mission, old primary school of Kardamyli, Greece. Curator: Marina Lagou.

2006 Art Panorama in Greece, State Museum of Contemporary Art,Thessaloniki, Greece. Curator Thanassis Moutsopoulos

  • Once upon a time there was Penelope Delta, Athens College, Psychiko, Athens, Greece. Curator Iris Kritikou
  • Running Water, Teloglion Art Foundation, Thessaloniki, Greece.
  • Reverse selection, old primary school of Kardamyli, Greece. Curator: Lina Tsikouta.

2003 Art Athina’03, 7 Gallery, Helexpo Exhibition Centre Maroussi, Athens, Greece.

  • I, me, myself, Rethymnon Centre for Contemporary Art, Crete, Greece. Curator Eleni Kypraiou

2002 Minimal maximal, 4 Greek versions, Cultural Centre of the City of Amarousion, Athens, Greece. Ccurator F. Tzenetoulakou

2001 Dialogue, School of Fine Arts, Madrid, Spain.

  • Memory and depiction, Batagianni Gallery, Athens, Greece. Curator Maria Stergiou.
  • 7 Greek Artists, Asamblea de Extremadura, Festival de Merida, Spain.

2000 Lola Nikolaou Gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece.

  • Is there something that unites us? Vafopoulion Cultural Centre, Thessaloniki, Greece. Curator K. Kilessopoulou.

1999 Visual Testimonies, House of Cyprus, Athens, Greece. Curator K. Stavropoulos

  • Ideas and Reflections, Campus Art, Athens, Greece. Curator F. Tzenetoulakou

1998 We are elsewhere, and going elsewhere, Aeschylia ‘98, Eleusis, Greece. Curator Lena Kokkini

  • Events at the house of Bouzianis, Athens, Greece.

1997 Art Athina 5, 7 Gallery, Helexpo Exhibition Centre Maroussi, Athens, Greece.

  • Ecotopia ΙΧ, Gazi, Athens, Greece.

1994 Gaea Aphrodite, Nicosia, Cyprus.

  • Tois endon rimassi peithomenoi, House of Cyprus, Athens, Greece. Curator K. Stavropoulos

1990 Epikentro Gallery, Patras, Greece.

1988 Encounters – highlights – juxtapositions, Cultural Centre of City of Athens, Greece. Curator K. Stavropoulos

1987 Athens Visual Arts, Arts Centre, Parko Eleftherias, Athens, Greece.

  • Panhellenic Art Exhibition, Athens, Greece.

1982 150 Painters from the EEC, Athens Conservatoire, Athens, Greece.