Made by Loula in Gr

I paint clothes or I modify my clothes because through this process I feel I discover, I reveal myself within the society in which I live and interact.
Clothing testifies for its wearer even when the wearer is absent; it speaks of one’s class, both intellectual and economic, of one’s aesthetic.
In the process the forms end up gigantic, so that the clothes acquire a stateliness that comes to underscore the discipline, the severity, the superiority.
Then this imposing nature of the oversize clothes I paint lead me to the need to give titles to the works.
What I like about giving titles is that it feels as if I’m modifying the painterly aspect with contradictory messages, humour, self-sarcasm and irony. I feel that I change the painterly cohesion, the sequence, and I contradict myself, with the title sometimes mocking the ‘grandiose image’.
As for the overall title, Made by Loula in Gr, I could say it reflects my current reality as I experience it in Greece with all its problems.

Spiridoula Politi